​Graphene Square CVD reactor
The Aduro system is a flexible in situ TEM platform where the functionality is changed from electrical biasing to heating by simply using a different E‐Chip sample support device.
The Janis ST-500 is a research instrument designed to provide affordable vacuum and cryogenic probing of wafers (up to 2”) and devices. Low vibration technology provides superior sample positional stability.
Confocal Raman imaging microscope system with high throughput configuration and two excitation wavelengths (532 nm and 633 nm). Includes AFM extension.
The XE-100 AFM provides the ultimate AFM/SPM solution for Non-Contact nanoscale metrology of small samples in data storage, semiconductors, materials science, polymers, electro chemistry and other applications in nanoscience and engineering.​​
Leica EM CPD300 is automated Critical Point Dryer which is fully computer controlled with an integrated touch screen user interface for reproducible and controlled processes.​
​Electrochemistry Station, Glove Box, Tube Furnace, Muffle Furnace, Centrifuge, IR/UV spectroscopy, Battery cell assembly