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  • Synthesis in gas and liquid phase: general discussion 
    P Davies, P Papakonstantinou, N Martin, I Kratochvilova, C Ewels, M Shaffer, T Enoki, M Heggie, T Gspann, A Turak, OA Barsan, D Zitoun, P Ajayan, L Mooring, V Khare, A Zopfl, A Hirsch, M Baxendale, P Costa, V Falko, J Casado, LS Hui, A Windle, A Sinitskii, M Rosseinksy, T Nguyen 
    Faraday Discussions 173 , 115, (2014). DOI: 10.1039/C4FD90042A
  • Doping and theory: general discussion 
    P Davies, I Kratochvilova, C Ewels, T Aqeel, N Martin, V Falko, T Enoki, A Rodriguez-Fortea, K Kaneko, A Turak, C Buono, V Kovalenko, P Ajayan, M Heggie, V Khare, A Hirsch, T Gspann, A Windle, P Costa, M Shaffer, J Casado, MC Park, R Busquets 
    Faraday Discussions 173 , 233, (2014)
Doping, Theory
  • Finite element modelling of the mechanics of discrete carbon nanotubes filled with ZnS and comparison with experimental observations
    A.O. Monteiro, P.M.F.J. Costa, P.B. Cachim
    Journal of Materials Science, 49, 648, (2014)
Finite element modelling, Mechanical behaviour, Mechanical response, Multi-walled CNTs, Semi-empirical approach, Single carbon nanotube, Uniaxial compressive
  • Mechanics of filled carbon nanotubes
    A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim, P.M.F.J. Costa
    Diamond and Related Materials, 44, 11, (2014)
Carbon Nanotubes, Encapsulation, Filled Carbon Nanotubes, Mechanical Properties, Mechanics
  • Buckling of ZnS-filled single-walled carbon nanotubes – The influence of aspect ratio
    A.O. Monteiro, P.M.F.J. Costa, P.B. Cachim, D. Holec
    Carbon, 79, 529, (2014).  DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2014.08.011​
Carbon nanotubes