WEP 2016

"Carbon: Beyond sustainability and climate change" by ​Prof. Pedro Da Costa​​​​​

In this lecture, we will take you through the world of carbon materials and how they influence our well-being. We will also peek into what is currently under development and that could guide tomorrow's technologies. Low-carbon economy is a commonplace expression when sustainability issues are mentioned. Likewise, climate change is irrevocably connected to Carbon through carbon dioxide and methane, two known
greenhouse gases. 
While these are critical issues for our planet's survival, the beneficial impact of the ​chemical element Carbon is also extraordinary. Besides constituting the building block of all-known life forms, its presence has become ubiquitous in Human society, sometimes unbeknownst to many of us. In fact, carbon materials are key components of products and technologies that we equate to modern life. The examples range from tiny carbon fibers used to reinforce plastics for the automobile and aerospace industries to porous carbon used as filters for decaffeination.