Confocal Raman

Model: Alpha300AR+

The WITec Raman microscope and imaging system combines an extremely sensitive confocal microscope with an ultrahigh-throughput spectroscopy system for unprecedented chemical sensitivity. A highly efficient combination of optical components such as filters, objectives and lenses used in conjunction with the most sensitive detectors available provide the highest spatial and spectral resolution.

The Raman system has a high throughput configuration, with the following specifications and modes of operation:

    • Raman Spectral Imaging: acquisition of complete Raman spectra at every pixel (mapping)
    • Acquisition of Raman spectra at selected areas (micro-Raman)
    • 3D confocal Raman imaging
    • Confocal microscopy in reflection
    • Confocal fluorescence imaging
    • Optical resolution: diffraction limited lateral typ. 250 nm @ 532 nm excitation wavelength (with objective NA 1.4)
    • Sample size: max. 120 mm in x- and y-direction, 25 mm in height (for samples with larger height an adapter can be used)
    • Wavelength range VIS and NIR, others optional, typ. detection from < 95 -ca. 4000 wavenumbers @ 532 nm excitation wavelength
    • Optimized spectrometer and CCD detector each for VIS and NIR

 Research grade optical microscope with 6x turret:

     • Piezo-driven scan platform for sample scanning, continuous scan range up to 200um in x- and y-direction, 20um in z-direction, scan   
        hardware linearized with closed-loop feedback, scan resolution: position accuracy < 2nm in x- and y-direction and < 0.2nm in z- direction,
        linearity better than 0.03%, achieved through capacitively controlled hardware linearization
     • Video system: eyepiece color video camera
     • Motorized z-stage system for automated approach, 30mm travel, single step 10 nm resolution
     • Manual sample positioning in x- and y-direction, 20mm travel, gradation10um, resolution < 1um
     • LED white-light source for Köhler illumination
     • AFM extension with contact, lateral force and AC modes