Probe Station

Model: ST-500

The Janis ST-500 is a research instrument designed to provide affordable vacuum and cryogenic probing of wafers (up to 2”) and devices. Low vibration technology provides superior sample positional stability.

Main features of Model ST-500 Probe Stations (from the manufacturer):

   •   Low vibration level and the positional drift
   •   Temperature range from ~3.5 K to 475 K
   •   Works either with liquid nitrogen or liquid helium
   •   Helium consumption less than 1 liter/hour
   •   Accommodates up to 2” (51 mm) diameter wafers
   •   Up to seven cooled, easily interchangeable, micro-manipulated probe arms
   •   Electrical measurements from DC to 67 GHz
   •   Wide variety of inexpensive LF probe tips that are easy to replace
   •   Very low triaxial probe arms leakage current of just a few fA
   •   Non-contact, non-destructive Kelvin probes
   •   Multi-tip probes
   •   Fiber probe arms with single and multi mode fiber options
   •   Optional optical access through the sample mount for transmission measurements
   •   Additional electrical feedthroughs with cables and wires to sample area
   •   Special miniature vacuum chamber to transfer sample under vacuum from Glove Box to Probe Station
   •   Very smooth X-Y-Z- travel stages for all monoscope system assemblies
   •   System customization options