Heating/Electrical TEM holder

Model: Aduro 300DT

The Aduro system is a flexible in situ TEM platform where the functionality is changed from electrical biasing to heating by simply using a different E‐Chip sample support device.
For heating experiments, the system provides 1,000,000°C per second temperature changes, allowing heating of a sample from room temperature to 1200°C in 1ms. It cools in about the same amount of time, providing instant quenching. The temperature accuracy is of 0.5% +/‐ 1°C. The software allows full control of the temperature and ramp rates.
Due to its unique monolithic ceramic membrane heating material, the Aduro system provides extremely high stability and resolution at elevated temperatures. For electrical biasing experiments, a variety of E‐Chips with various electrode layout is available, allowing customization of experiments by changing sample supports.
Due to the E‐Chip’s planar heating geometry, it is compatible with EDS and other techniques that require its detector to have direct line of sight to the sample. In addition, the Aduro system can be used in an E-TEM.